Vinyl Railings
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"Classic" is simple, yet practical and simulates a painted wood rail.  This popular style achieves a bold, clean look for a porch, deck system or patio.

Don't let the bold look of this system fool you into believing that it is unaffordable.  While most treated wood railing systems claim lower initial costs, the Classic style rail system not only carries a lifetime warranty but also returns your original investment in less than five years.

As for strength, vinyl rails systems out perform standard wood installations and meet rigid testing standards set throughout the country.

EzTech™ Tip #5: How to install a Color Guard Leveling Post Mounting Bracket

Color Guard Complete Installation

EzTech Tip #2: Measuring and Cutting the Top and Bottom Rails

EzTech™ Tip #3: 45 Angle Bracket Installation

EzTECH™ Tip #1: Top and Bottom Rail Brackets

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